Gyming 104: Why losing weight is a poor goal

Weight losing happens to be the biggest motivator for people to join Gyms.  Some succeed and most fail. Those who succeed are motivated by the measurable outcomes they are able to see every day in the mirror. Every pound they lose makes them happy. Every inch they lose around their waist gives them a boost to lose some more.

And then they reach a plateau; well you only can lose so much. There is a wall they hit. Every incremental progress towards losing weight becomes a diminishing goal. And then they relapse. They gain all the pounds back.

Hence losing weight is a poor goal. It could be just one of the objective of your workout. It could be a short term goal at best. A better goal should be not only measurable but sustainable and more meaningful. So what is a better goal?

You need to make “Fitness” as your ultimate goal. Decide on what do you want to accomplish by doing that particular workout. Do you want to run better? or want to run longer. Do you want to be that active parent around your kids or do you want to go for that mountain trecking you have been always dreaming of? These goals are more imaginable and to sustain them you need to be “Fit” for these goals. You can afford a little extra pounds here and there but you can still be fit!



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