Of Job Hopping

You have only been serving your present organization for a year , why you are seeking a change? 

I usually don’t have a good answer for the obvious question above. I wish I could answer this question with the following arguments:

A. How does that matter? Maybe my current organization is not so good at retaining me. 

To which I assume , I will get a counter argument:

But I see you have switched 5 organizations in a matter of 8 years. You have never worked for any of them for more than 3 years.

A more complicated answer for that counter-argument would be:

I am a millennial and my tenure at any organization concludes when either one of the three events happen:

1:  I am simply fired. Yes! the overwhelming pressures of work and ever rising expectations of employers are making it toxic for me. There can be also a mismatch between what I can provide and what the employers wants. That is perfectly fine! Haven’t you fired a domestic help for he/she not meeting the standards you have set?

2: If I see the value the organization is adding into me is diminishing. This value could be monetary or any other intangible metric (general well being and lateral growth).

3. If I see that my role is limited. I could do more but there is no scope for it.

But here is a more logical and elaborate answer :

Life is short. The years you are going to work for a living for someone else are very very short. Trust me, the dynamic wave of economy will not think twice before destroying the sand castle of patience , perseverance and hope you are building on the foundation of a few skills, working for a single organization for over a dozen years. Take risks , unsettle yourself and get new experiences and skills. Why do x for y number of years? can you not do x , y and z ?

Having said that , I respect perseverance. Show perseverance in relationships. Enduring relationships pay. Show perseverance in doing stuff to maintain your good health. You have been running for 15 years? that is something. You have been writing for a blog for 10 years? awesome! You have been consistently learning how to program better for last 4 years, that is beautiful.

Working for a single organization for donkey years under the fear that you might be rejected for who you are is not really not a wise thing to do . There were times when people worked for PSU’s for 40 years. But times have changed. Organizations are getting flat. If you see no lateral growth, there is no point of sticking to that workplace.

Having said that, show perseverance in your dominant skill. Musicians practice for years before their big break for multiple media and production companies. Doctors practice for years before they practice at various hospitals. Cultivate that one skill which is always going to work for you.

One response to “Of Job Hopping”

  1. That’s my answer -life is too short to stay somewhere you don’t love!


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