Are there places where you pay to work? Yes! Gyms!

Gym dropout rates are astounding. I did a little research and found that 50% of people drop-out from Gyms in the first three months of registering. That figure climbs to 80% six months down the line. Well, it is ok if I have access to such information but what if a gym owner has the curiosity to access this free information? can you imagine what she might do?

Think about the New Year Discounts! Early Bird Discounts! and what not discounts!Gyms know that come what may, they will have enough capacity in the gym for new registrations considering the high drop-out rate. But that is the Gym side of the story. It doesn’t matter if you know their story or not. But you need to understand your reality more.

Come to think of it, Gym is the only place where you pay to do some work. You move things, you lift stuff and pull stuff. You have to wake-up early in the morning get ready . Maybe drive couple of kilometers to an air-conditioned space with mirrors where many others like you have just arrived. The gym doesn’t have any responsibility to bring you to their place neither there are any consequences of absence . You have already paid the money so it is a sunk cost. Nothing will change that.Where do you think all that motivation to sustain the habit of the gym will come from?

That explains the high dropout rate. Most people on a daily basis drag themselves to their employers who give them monthly salary. Then in contrast, it is an easy choice for people to chuck gym for some tiny fraction of that monthly salary. Sunk cost is a negative motivator.


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