You can only laugh so much!

I really don’t know why and when in the human evolution curve people really begin to laugh. Same thing goes for crying, how people could really express their sorrow by making that face?

But I believe, one can cry for an extended duration. Which means, people can sustain crying for a really long time like for several hours or days all-together. Sadness has no limits or defined boundaries.

Quite surprisingly , one can laugh for only so long. I just experienced it when I went for a comedy night. Kunal Kamra was in the house. He started his gig with a line-up of hilarious jokes. Funny analogies, situational comedy and political satire. I was in splits for at-least the first 15 minutes and then my laughing waned out. Mind you, he was only relatively less funny but there were lots of people still sustaining their laugh. One might argue that they paid for the laughing and they were justifying the ROI. But I can speak for myself, although I could appreciate and resonate with everything the comedian said, my facial muscles couldn’t sustain the laughter. I ended-up laughing my ass out at the end of the show because the best jokes were kept at the last.

I can’t deduce anything from my experience but I can surely say that laughter or for that matter reasons which make you smile and laugh have a very short shelf life. Those reasons decay in no time. No brain is designed for self-sustained happiness. But people live for that happy moment. People live their lives in a hope that they will be happy one day.

After all that struggle and hard-work you might get that one moment of happiness but don’t take happiness too seriously. Just Don’t!


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