The Start-up Generation

Breakneck speed. Blitzkrieg! It is good to hear about organizations which grow at mind-blowing pace. Keeping aside the valuations , business models and other jargon, the key resources of these high growth juggernauts happen to be humans.

These humans also run at breakneck speeds on an infinite treadmill to keep a pace with the start-up. Their roles are not so defined. Their KRA’s only look good on paper. Dual responsibilities and dual roles. Gray zones and ambiguity. Sometimes they work with no accountability and sometimes with such overwhelming accountability that leaves them devastated. They don’t believe in work they do. Neither they believe in themselves.

These juggernauts are unnecessarily proud about the flat structure. Characterized by high attrition and the resulting corporate amnesia. New decisions are almost made every day. Old decisions are forgotten overnight. Chaos.

Obviously, these juggernauts absorb resources who have little clarity  in their lives. They happen to be mostly in their early to mid-twenties. Ready to do anything and everything under the sun or the moon. Low salary expectations and  low expectations from the job role . Perennially insecure.These youngsters are ready to compromise on their values and even live with conflicting values. Their days are full of stress and intoxicated nights. They binge eat and binge watch only to detach from the reality.

Start-ups don’t create careers. They create jobs only to destroy more careers. The breakneck speed literary disrupts the pace and perspective of a young mind.It leaves them giddy and nauseated . Most perish and very few find the order in the chaos. Survivors like to become the smiling faces on tabloid and employee branding hoardings which say ” We Are Hiring !”

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