ChatGPT : The story of the creator, tool, and operator

Some say that the earliest tools are 2 million years old. These are simple tools used to cut and crush raw food. These were mere sharp stones, shaped by a creator (smart early human). The human then distributed it to the operator. The operator only had to learn to use the tool.

The pottery wheel is the tool. The potter is an operator and maybe an obscure smart potter is a creator.

Adobe Illustrator is the tool. The illustrator is the one who operates it and the creator here is Adobe.

Chat GPT is the tool, developed by OpenGI(creator), while the operators are still figuring out how to use it.

The narrative has always remained the same.

Introduction of the tool by the creator. Fear that the “tool” would eliminate jobs. This is followed by the early operators who learn to use the tool. These operators re-skill themselves and get more employable. The creator wins, the tool wins, and the operator wins.

On the losing side are irrational paranoia and people who don’t want to learn the tool.

Then the old inefficient ways of doing stuff are dropped. New efficient ways are rapidly deployed.

In the end, we always get more done.

The moral of the story is that if you have the ability to learn a tool, there is hardly anything you need to be afraid of.

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