Why philosophize happiness when it can be measured?

India ranked 126th on the world happiness index. I googled the variables from which the happiness index is derived.

I found 6 interesting variables:

Real GDP per capita.
Social support.
Healthy life expectancy.
Freedom to make life choices.
Perceptions of corruption.

I loved the objectivity around deriving this index.

These variables work to an extent at an individual level too. Try them out, you may use “trust” as a proxy for “Perception of Index”.

One might not have an awesome score on all 6 variables but having good scores on at-least 3 is good enough. Also closely watch the interdependencies among the variable. Your income for instance might decide freedom of choices that you have. Social support might lead to overall mental well-being. Generosity might come from abundance.

I feel people philosophize about happiness because objectifying happiness is hard work. Happiness is treated as ephemeral. The wise ones advise not to chase it.

Anyway, it is a bit disheartening that India ranks 126th. Afghanistan is not really far away from that number.

What’s your take? Why is India so unhappy? Are we really that unhappy as a nation?

Happiness Index report link in the comment section.

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