The crime of omission : office politics

Here is why office politics is so tricky to deal with.

90% of office politics is based on things people don’t say and things people don’t do. If you use a legal analogy, it is tantamount to the crime of “omission”.

Crime of omission is something you haven’t done! failure to do a legal duty when you had the capacity to do so.

How do you punish someone for something he/she has not done?

On the other hand, the crime of commission is easy to track. An act of robbery is a crime of commission.

Applying this logic to workplaces.

Crime of commission is often a rarity at workplaces. People are usually well aware of the consequences and have immense control over their impulses.

However, omission runs rampant. Things people don’t do and don’t say. The list goes on: not sharing, not maintaining transparency, not being inclusive, not being assertive, or not helping someone deliberately.

The best part is no one can hang you for this!

Absolutely no way to monitor and keep track. No evidence, no case. Neat.

What do you think?

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