Career Gaps in the Movie Industry

In his 22-year Bollywood career, Randeep Hooda has only worked for 11 years. This means, 50% of the time, he wasn’t involved at all in his acting pursuits. 

What did he do then?

He spent time pursuing his hobbies; horse riding, traveling, and camping. This approach is quite common in Bollywood. Randeep’s journey is a norm and not an exception. An exception here would be Akshay Kumar.

I got to know about this in Randeep Hooda’s recent interview on Youtube. He narrated how these halts are necessary and how they give him a different perspective on his life. Of course, some halts did not come by choice.

These gaps are common in artistic pursuits. If you observe closely, there is a different comfort when artists, actors, and directors narrate their stories when they have no work, they go through dips, and then the glorious comebacks happen.

Most of the dips are not by choice. Who wants to sit idle? yet there is a great degree of comfort and acceptance.

This comfort is unheard of in the corporate world. You are seen as unreliable if you have an unreasonable gap.

Continuity is preferred over excellence or courage to pursue one’s dreams. Inability to keep oneself busy in jobs results in a deep discomfort. Somehow we fail to appreciate the career dips.

What do you think?

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