Objective lens to understand mental health

People usually struggle at three levels when they try to manage their mental health. 

I learned about this in Jonah Hill’s mental health documentary on Netflix. One of the tools that I could really appreciate and relate to was called the three levels of life force.

The three levels are like a pyramid. The first level is called; the relationship with your own body. It is as simple as taking the right amount of sleep, eating the right food, and exercising. These are basic things in life, and if you are not able to perform these at the very basic level then probably there is a disconnect between you and your body.

The second level is the quality of your relationship with people, the community, and close ones. We are social beings, and social disconnect has its cost. We like to share and feel connected.

And the third level is your relationship with your own self or the unconscious. There connection between you and your authentic self. 

I personally feel balancing all three is difficult. There are trade-offs. Winning on two fronts is great. Having complete control over one level and juggling the other two is still okay. 

Losing all three puts you into chaos which needs an intervention.

What do you think? Where are you on the three levels?

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