Attention is a limited resource, use it carefully

Attention is a limited resource, use it carefully. 

If you are reading this, I have grabbed your attention for a few seconds.

If not, you would have spent your attention watching or reading something else.

If data is the new oil, attention is your spending power or currency.

Every day you wake up with a fixed unit of attention.

You might spend this on Instagram, LinkedIn, reading emails, responding to emails, YouTube. 

You may listen to music or podcast. Or listening to someone in a meeting.

Anyway, the point is attention is limited.

When you consume your daily quota, you may realize that you are not able to be mindful. 

You might struggle to focus, show your presence while talking to someone, or struggle to comprehend a situation.

Are there any measures to control this?

In a world where everyone is hungry for your attention, there is limited we can do.

Being mindful that attention is limited could be the first step.


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