If we have a brain, we have a bias

7-year-old Aakash while riding his bicycle accidentally brushed the shoulder of 6-year-old Nidhi who was playing with her friends.

Aakash lost his balance and fell down. 

It was a Sunday evening, people were taking their leisure strolls.

Half a dozen people gathered around the scene including me.

Aakash had a minor bruise on his elbow, he was used to this.

Nevertheless, he had taken a fall and was slowly recovering to pick his cycle.

I know Aakash because he is my neighbor’s kid. Aakash is a hyperactive kid and is very expressive.

Everyone was around Nidhi asking her if she was okay. Nidhi seemed to be fine. 

Aakash on the other hand was hurt.

As the crowd started dispersing, Aakash shouted, It was I who was hurt right?

I could see the discontent in his eyes. How he did not get the required attention despite being hurt.

Aakash recovered soon and was found playing with his friends after some time.

Goes without saying that Aakash wasn’t seen as vulnerable despite taking a fall because he was a boy. 

Is there a moral to this story? 


If we have a brain, we have a bias. 

Can we get rid of our brains?


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