Project vs Operations

Project is something that we start from zero. Something that we build or create. 

A bridge could be a project. The road could be a project. Simply going to the mountains for a trek could be a project. Writing a book is a project. Project is something that you might just do once. 

Then how do you define operations?

Once you build that road the toll booths that collect tax are a part of operations. Maintaining the road is operations, taking care of the bridges, and ensuring that they are structurally intact every year, that is an operation. 

Going to school every day is an operation. If getting married is a project then staying in that relationship is an operation. 🙂

Operations are something that you’re going to do on daily basis. Maintaining the status quo. 

Some people just don’t like doing the routine work. While some people enjoy it. Some people only like to build new things, create new things and move on.

I personally like projects. What about you?

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