Why the iPad doesn’t have a calculator?

Apple iPad doesn’t have a calculator. 

iMac, iPhone, and Apple watch all have stock calculator apps.

There is a story behind this.

Back in 2010, Apple was only weeks away from launching the iPad.

A guy name Scott Forstall was leading iPad software development. 

The iPad calculator meant for the launch was just a scaled-up version of the iPhone calculator

Just a month before the launch, when Steve Jobs saw this design and right away called Scott.

“Where is the new design for the calculator? This looks awful!!, said Steve

Scott replied, what new design? we are shipping this design 

Steve said, No, pull it. We can’t ship that. Redesign the calculator or ship the iPad without it.

With only a few days left for the launch, Apple decided to launch the iPad without the calculator.

The rest is history. 

iPad users have to rely on third-party calculators. 

In an interview, one of the top executives of Apple reasoned that 

“We want to do it when we want to do it really really well”

Great to see #appleinc lives by that value.

But isn’t it #counterintuitive?

Do it well or don’t do it at all?

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