The other side of COVID

Until early last year, Everest Kanto Cylinders was an obscure small company manufacturing seamless steel cylinders to store oxygen, nitrogen etc.

Today, the share price of Everest Kanto Cylinders company surged by almost 20% 

1 year returns? Over 800%

You don’t need to be a scientist to figure out why this magic happened

Thanks to surging COVID cases 

Last week as I was enquiring for life insurance policies for me and my wife, I was told that Insurance premiums are bound to rise steeply. This was owing to steep rise in claim settlements.

It is interesting to see how the economy is accommodating the impending onslaught of COVID or similar events in the years to come

There are rumours that Zomato (a food delivery company) will be a $50 billion company in next 5 years

The organised restaurant chains would grow multifold

#Zoom Video Communications Inc is almost a 100 billion dollar organisation today

Last year around this time Zoom was worth $20 billion 

Am I trying to show you the positive side?

Not really

I am trying to appreciate the velocity at which world is trying to adapt and move on

Had it been 1921, it would have taken decades altogether to fight COVID-19

Let us hope for the best 🙂

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