Story of every meeting room before the pandemic hit us

Meeting rooms always had a crazy demand.

Premium property perpetually blocked by souls who over the years had developed a strong belief system around the significance of meetings.

These rooms have creative names; hope, mars, Kevin Spacey room, Medula’s lair, you name it.

It was considered taboo to replace a meeting with an email.

It was so upsetting to see these spaces blocked for hours on the calendars.

Some rooms were booked well in advance. Predictive analytics?

“This room is booked”, was the assertion if one was found using a room booked by others.

Some people were almost residents of these meeting rooms.

You would never find them at their workstations.

Their workstations were merely parking spots for their bags, rewards, smiling photos, and other paraphernalia.

In the mornings, these meeting rooms smelled of room fresheners. 

Thanks to office boys. They “owned” this task!

Post noon they smelled like food.

In the evening they smelled like humans.

Forgotten chargers, underused diaries, and pens.

A whiteboard was full of action plans.

Fast forward it to the present.

Now you have infinite meeting rooms.

#Meetings are conducted on a whim.

All you need is a link.

Do we conduct more meetings now? 

You tell me.

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