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What is the future of Theatre Chains?

I had to kill two hours before meeting someone.

I headed to a nearby mall, watching a movie was the best option.

I enquired at the #Inox ticket counter. There was just one option Wonder Woman 1984.

It was a weekday.

Bought a ticket for 99 Rs and selected the gold seat; a recliner at the very back. Back in the pre-#Covid days, this recliner was a luxury. 

Sir, if you add 40 Rs we offer Popcorn.

I declined. Popcorn in a theatre was gold too, back in the days.

Anyway, they checked my temperature and let me in. One of them asked me to download Arogya Setu if I haven’t done so.

A few minutes later, I was on the recliner.

There were only two other people in the theatre.

One guy was seated on the extreme left, the other on my extreme right.

Gal Gadot was spectacular but the movie was a disappointment. I had 0 expectations.

I tried to get some sleep on the recliner. I wish it had a massager too.

When I woke up, I lost the track of the plot.

Well, there was no plot, to begin with.

I stood up and stretched, wore my shoes, and left the facility.

I wondered how these theatre chains even break even in such times.

Still, they are running the show.

Hope? Or irrational optimism?

A long and painful wait till things turn around?


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