Doing things you hate doing

There are two ways you can grow in life

1. Doing the things you really like to do

2. Doing things you really don’t like doing

Finding your True North needs a lot of patience and dedication.

It is a difficult path, full of trials, mistakes, and failures.

I believe if you live long enough, you would eventually find your calling. Some find it at 20 and others at 45. Doesn’t matter. Don’t stress over it.

If you dare to be a little more optimistic, you will always find your true calling. The question would be whether you chase it or not.

Anyway, the essence of this post is the second aspect because things you don’t like to do are often found in abundance.

And there is always a reward attached to them.

Most people fall for this trap, after all, it is a lucrative trap.

Then there is a hybrid approach: Keep on doing things you don’t like to do until you find something that you would really like to do.

People seeking financial freedom and early retirement follow the hybrid approach.

Which choice is the best?

Well, how does it matter as long as you grow?


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