First day at work

Back in 2009, the year I graduated, I got my first job in a small mining company in Goa.

There was just one round of interview.

On the day of joining, I was summoned to a very remote site in East Goa.

For those of you who might not know, Goa is big on mining too after tourism.

I along with another new joiner was now on the way to the remote site on a Splendor bike.

As few villages passed by, the road became rough and extremely dusty.

The new formals that I was wearing were slowly getting soiled.

We were now only a few kilometers away from the site.

One good indication of that was the giant mining trucks rumbling like bullies and a 2-inch thick layer of dust on the slanted roofs of houses.

Every leaf on every tree was covered with red dust.

Finally, we reached the site.

Around 30 young men with masks on their faces were doing their job.

Some just standing some communicating on their walkie talkies.

It was like a Martian surface with heaps of manganese ore.

Conveyor belts and large excavators dominated the scene.

I was shown where I need to punch my card daily (yes punch).

This was nothing like the Goa I had seen all my childhood.

I took some clicks and we left a little early on that day.

That was my first and last day at my first engineering job.

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