Directing is 90% Casting

Directing is 90% casting.

I don’t remember where I read that but today I watched an interview where Anurag Kashyap says the same thing in a different way.

He says he doesn’t cast actors but characters who make his life easy as a director.

Hiring is no different.

You don’t need to put a lot of efforts into managing if you hire the right people.

You can tell a lot about an organization on basis of its hiring process.

More than technical rounds it is the rounds where the cultural fit of the candidate is tested.

Some organizations take forever to say that disappointing no or that much-awaited yes.

You can blame it on bureaucracy but with some certainty, I can tell they spend a lot of time deciding on the profiles.

Taking their own time to screen profile after profile. Meticulously interviewing candidates at their own pace.

Some great organizations don’t have to do all that hard work.

Great brands attract great talent.

But hiring practices don’t make it to the mainstream.

Hiring is rendered as boring, and it is undermined.

Managing on the other hand remains to be interesting and is covered extensively in academics and other popular media.

Like managing, directing is seen as exciting.

We don’t hear a lot about casting, how many casting directors do you know?

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