Baba Ka Dhaba

Baba ka Dhaba row.

#Altruism at speed and scale.

Let us keep aside the controversy for now and focus on the logistics.

If you see chronologically, there were four steps involved.

Someone created content around Baba’s ordeal.

There was an emotional appeal.

Content went viral.

Money poured in.

Have you observed a similar phenomenon on LikedIn?

I bet you have.

But here is the problem.

It is tough to manage the outcome of viral content.

It is like winning a lottery.

It should be overwhelming for the beneficiary to take the onslaught of a zillion benefactors.

The help that reaches is always an overkill.

Look at the job loss posts that go viral on LinkedIn.

Do the people asking for jobs really need that quantum of help?

I am curious to know the aftermath, what is the end game?

The way social media operates is somewhat flawed.

The pendulum swings between 0 and 1.

Either there is no help or there is just a surplus.

And mostly it works around individuals for individuals.

I have never seen an #NGO asking for help and going super viral.

I believe altruism at scale will have its share of inefficiencies.

The question is whether #socialmedia can solve it?

Can we help the masses instead of one?

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