The Rise and Fall of Pods

The rise and fall of pods.

What are pods?

Pods are users that boost your posts on LinkedIn or any other social media for that matter.

Pods will incessantly like and engage on your posts, without even reading them.

When you return the favor you also become a pod.


A few months back LinkedIn was super hot.

Organic reach plummeted.

The #LinkedIn algorithm couldn’t keep up with the spiked activity.

Then I observed the real rise of pods.

Pods boost your post until the algorithm detects it and boosts it further.

Well, the trick was neat.

Unless you are Ankur Warikoo or Simon Sinek for that matter, how are you going to influence without that thought leadership or content that really rocks?

And the answer was reciprocation principle, one of Robert Cialdini’s six principles of influencing.

You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

It makes sense, but on LinkedIn, it becomes labour intensive.

A few weeks back I noticed that the activity has receded.

The regular pods are nowhere on the scene, some new pods took their place.

I suppose the reciprocation principle is not so sustainable.

Especially when it comes to incessantly engage on content that you even don’t care to read.

What do you think?

Have you come across a pod?

Would you love to be a pod?

Would you like me to be your pod?

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