Of cross selling

If you want to experience #crossselling at its best, please visit your nearest bank branch

Don’t visit govt branches because these branches are just too busy updating passbooks, they don’t really have all the time for cross-selling

Visit a private branch and ask for anything you wish, you can even ask for water and there will be an executive assigned to you

Even before you tell her what you really want, she will explain to you two financial products that you have never heard of

In no time they will take a paper and start explaining to you the math behind annuities and compounding and crazy returns

Then you might just think that this sounds too good to be true

You are confused but smile anyway and ask for more details

By this time the junior exec has successfully enticed you into thinking that the product is just awesome

Now is the time for the senior executive to step in and take you into the bright future where you have all the money you want

By now you have completely forgotten why did you even visit the branch in the first place

Then some docs are flashed and you have to really do nothing but sign at 8 places


No, I did not reach the final stage, I saved myself. I am very intelligent

Advice: be assertive, say no, and be informed about financial products.

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