Planned Obsolescence

Just watched the Apple Launch Event.
It is sad to see how everything is designed for planned obsolescence.
Do you know what is planned obsolescence?
Let me give you an example.
I love my Xbox 360.
I bought it on Quickr, right before the pandemic hit us.
The seller was just walking distance from my home.
He was happy to give me the Xbox+ some cool games at Rs 5000.
He was an avid gamer and owned two other PS consoles.
He said, “trust me, the Xbox has been used for less than 20 hours”.
It was a super deal. The device was in mint condition.
I played some of the classic first/third-person shooters, I put the rig to test.
Enjoyed every second of the experience.
The device was manufactured in 2011.
10 years and Xbox 360 technology is still relevant.
The Xbox 360 was not so much designed for planned obsolescence.
Planned obsolescence describes a strategy of deliberately ensuring that the current version of a given product will become out of date within a known time period. This proactive move guarantees that consumers will seek replacements in the future, thus bolstering demand.
Apple does this so subtly.
It is iOS that pushes older devices towards obsolescence 🙂

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