Some advice on early careers

Some advice for people in their early 20s

If you are looking for a job:

Tell the recruiter that the required skill can be developed on the job, send a signal that you are learning agile

If they ask for experience, sell your potential

If you want to enter the gig economy:

learn some basics about negotiating and influencing

Because experienced people will hard-ball you to compromise

Have faith in your skills, trust yourself

If you want a change:

Understand the difference between a job and a career

Understand that you want a career and not a job

I am an engineer and MBA in operations. Things I do for a living are light years away from engineering and operations

Don’t carry the baggage of your degrees, if you are learning agile you can be whatever you want to be

If you want to be happy:

Read, travel, exercise, and forgive, be kind to yourself, forget, move on, sleep, reflect, and learn to relax.

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