NASA’s Vision

We reach for new heights and reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.

Can you guess whose vision statement it is?


Did you guess it right?

But don’t you think that vision statement is under more pressure than any other vision statement on this planet?

Because every year NASA’s vision needs to hold good for millions of taxpayers in the US

But come to think of it, when the equity is replaced by tax, it is a different ball game altogether

When the NASA director uses words like “moonshot”, he means that in a factual manner and not a metaphorical sense

And we don’t even know how they define their ROI, revenue, profitability?

Based on what? What are the benchmarks? What is the competition like?

We know that NASA has competed against Russia during the cold war, but not anymore

But, NASA has remained true to its vision

It has conducted extraordinary missions on Mars and Moon

But where is the ROI you may ask

Well, the ROI is right here. An Indian citizen is writing about the vision of NASA and you have read thus far

It is the soft power that the USA has built over the years

But have you thought what would have happened if NASA were a public listed company with a #vision like that?

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