Creativity is a process

Week 10 of writing daily

People often ask me how do I keep the ideation engine going

I won’t say it is easy, but there is a process

If you follow my posts you will notice that I write on a range of topics, right from business models to personal anecdotes

Someday I might write about NASA’s vision and Netflix’s policies

And then completely move on to Bollywood or LinkedIn’s organic reach

I know that is crazy, but that is my colorful canvas

Keeps me going, as long as you are curious you won’t be out of ideas

That answers the first part

Talking about the process, trust me it is boring

But this process is more crucial than the ideation engine

I just capture my thoughts on the Notes App

I don’t let them die a slow death in my brain

I build an inventory of ideas, only 60-70% make it through the first cut

Out of those roughly 20% are always work in progress, they never see the light of the day

Out of two interesting concepts that I think, one comes alive

That is a good success rate I would say

To summarize

Be curious and keep your mind open, don’t be too deliberate because that won’t work in the long run.

Follow a process to publish consistently, I know that is boring but you have to do it 🙂

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