The trap of Duopoly

Here is something you should be worried about.

The telecom space in India is now controlled by two companies.

Airtel and Jio.

Both are just a few million customers away from being termed as a duopoly.

Like Boeing and Airbus.

Unfortunately, in my region, Airtel is a natural monopoly.

I use airtel broadband and airtel sim.

Currently, I face frequent call drops and internet outages.

The costs and efforts of switching broadband and telecom services are prohibitive.

During the early days of broadband circa, 2006-07, one such natural #monopoly was BSNL.

There was nothing I could do once the BSNL connection conked.

All I could do was wait.

Yesterday I had the same feeling.

All I could do was wait.

Every time Airtel customer reps assure me of better quality, I have to believe them.

Sometimes I ask them, have you read the SLA (service level agreement)?

And they kindly say, no.

And I believe that’s ok.

Customer representatives are trained to speak what you want to hear.

They are doing their job.

But we all are slowly sliding into a dangerous trap.

It is the trap of duopoly.

Even if the new Boeing 737max crashes due to technical challenges, we really don’t have a choice.

We have to trust Boeing.

Or painstakingly find an airline that only uses Airbus.

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