Today is my mom’s birthday.

I wished her in the morning, she described her plans to me.

Towards the end of the call, she asked me, what are your plans Alok?

Aren’t you going to eat something special today? Please order something.

I am not very obedient but my mom had just given me a reason to celebrate.

It sounded like now that you have done your homework, go out and play.

I ordered Biryani and was eagerly waiting for it.

When the ETA was 10 mins, I went to the society gate and waited for the delivery guy.

These days they anyway leave the order at the gate.

I called the guy, he said he will be there in two minutes.

10 min later, no sign of him.

I get a call from Vadodara, Gujarat.

Why would someone call me from Vadodara at this time?

It was from Swiggy, the lady said, the delivery guy has met with an accident.

How is that possible? I just called him 10 min back.

She replied his tire burst, he fell and the food spilled on the road.

I asked her, is he okay?

Yes, he is, but won’t be able to deliver your order.

We can place the order again.

Do that, I said.

I tried calling him again, his phone was busy.

I called him later, he said he was okay with a minor knee bruise. He described the incident and thanked me for calling.

And I was relieved to hear that.

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