This company sells hope and not products

Are you looking for some passive income?
How long are you going to sustain the uncertainty of your job?
Then pave your way towards financial freedom! Join us

I can’t believe Amway representatives are reaching out to people on LinkedIn.

I was always puzzled with the business model of Amway.
I remember 15 years back a distant relative visited us with the Amway proposition.
We couldn’t make out the head or tail of how we are going to earn money.
My father was generous enough to only listen, offer tea and biscuits and kindly showed him the way out.

But as I think about the Amway model now, I get some clarity.
Amway is an awesome business.
They are in the business of selling hope.
And the hope is everybody can generate some passive income.
Amway’s core products are very expensive.
They have some great product line trusted by millions of people.
But someone selling you Amway will sell you the idea of becoming rich and financially independent and not products.
All you have to do is network, network, and network.
The confidence with which they sell hope will make you crazy.
Anyway, I don’t know what is the reality and do people really make money.
Amway sells hope nicely packaged with all the glittery paper.

Tell me the time someone sold you dedication, perseverance and hard work ? 🙂


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