The premium on Matchmaking

Yesterday I was glued to the docu-series on Indian Matchmaking on Netflix.

I wondered in the age of online dating and online matrimony why are the Indian elite relying on such a traditional approach?

What is Sima aunty (the matchmaker) solving here?

Sima is actually trying to match people with their expectations.

Sima is helping people who are extremely indecisive.

And of-course there is a premium for Sima there.

She travels extensively, asking people what do you expect?

Then from her database suggests some matches.

Sima is not so happy that people have too many preferences these days.

But too many preferences means more indecisiveness, no? 

More indecisiveness means more business to Sima.

Sima also has an extensive network of Life Coaches and fellow matchmakers.

When someone is so indecisive about what they really want.

Sima suggests a life coach.

Matchmaking is also risky.

There is too much at stake.

Reputation of families: what if the marriage fails?

But come to think of it, can we replace Sima’s premium services by AI bot?

I don’t think so.

Most premium services on this planet that are consumed by the ultra rich cannot be replaced with automation/AI.

A rich person will always have a chauffeur driven car even if his/her car is fully automated and self-driven.


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