I hate Pizza! Not.

My phone chimed

Fight the Monday blues with cheese!

It was Dominos pizza

They wanted to sell Pizza’s on a Monday

Their proposition was simple

One can deal with Monday blues by eating a lot of cheese

How stupid of them, I thought

Is that the best you could do?

You want people to fill their emptiness with Pizzas and cheese?

The message alert was just a two-second distraction

I simply ignored the message

Dealt with Monday and different shades of blues that come with it

It was 8 PM, there was no activity in the Kitchen

We didn’t feel like cooking anything

Perhaps it was the blues

We decided to order

It was getting late already

Fast, satiating, delicious, easy to decide, what it could be?

We settled for Pizza, ordered it from Chicago Pizza

Now the #Pizza looked more like a metaphorical pie to me

A humble pie, that I was eating now

But I was happily slurping coke with it


Maybe Domino’s was right

There are Monday blues

And we can deal with Mondays by eating Pizzas

We are all programmed at a subconscious level

There is no escape from consumerism

Everything in this world is designed to consume Pizzas

You have to join hands with the force

Either eat Pizzas or invest in organizations that sell Pizzas

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