Being Curious is Not Enough

Being curious is not enough

We all are born with the hunger to know

Does that mean we need to consume everything that generates curiosity?

I don’t think so

But the best minds in the world are working hard to make you curious and click

Imagine there is a Job-Description designed for a person whose only job is to make you curious enough to click

As humans, we are always keen to know what happens next

That clickbait on Youtube generates curiosity which leads to an endless binge-watching loop

Digital platforms convert your curiosity into a distraction

Every brand seeks your unwavering attention

Every brand seeks to distract us

And we happen to be more vulnerable to digital distractions

We happily remain distracted for hours altogether

The digital world gives you two choices

To create a distraction or get distracted

Choose wisely

Is there a third choice?

Maybe, but then you should harness your own curiosity and reap the benefits instead of giving it to others

Put your curiosity to your own use, explore what you truly love, explore what you genuinely want to learn 🙂

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