Cruising through the age of the vertical

A new Apple ad is actually a nine-minute vertical movie called “The Stunt Double”.

You are also reading this post in a vertical feed, aren’t you?

Vertical aspect ratio provides an infinite feed at your disposal.

For every one post you consume, you might discard 20.

It is designed for infinite content consumption.

Think Tik-Tok or Instagram.

Also, think about the ancient paper scroll.

The many books you must have read.

The Ipad and the Kindle and the smartphone which you might be holding right now.

The list goes on.

The vertical aspect ratio gives you control, you can interact with what you see.

You should also thank your opposing thumb too.

The horizontal aspect ratio is perhaps designed to sit back and relax, 16:9 takes control.

Giant cinema screens to home theatres and television sets.

It is also designed to work and focus.

You stay invested while engaging with a horizontal aspect ratio.

A vertical aspect ratio is designed to discard more and boost the velocity of consumption.

And Apple has realized this, vertical movies shot on iPhone matter more than ever.

I am sure Apple will revolutionize this space.

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