Apotheosis of Honesty

I hail from a small town in Goa.

Simplicity and honesty of people here humbles me every time I interact with them.

I am facing internet/phone connectivity issues at my parents home.

I use Airtel and wanted to try Jio.

I found one Jio dealer near the school where I studied.

Savio, the dealer also offered services like spiral binding, recharge, lamination, etc.

His shop was a mess.

Savio neatly dressed in formals did not really fit in the quintessential stereotype of Goan shopkeepers.

I walked in and explained my pain to Savio, I told him, Jio is my last resort

Savio’s reply puzzled me.

He said, are you sure Patrao? Because Airtel is the best network in this region.

Even I use Airtel, where do you live, Savio asked.

On the slope next to Cony’s place, I said.

Ah, that place is like a valley said Savio as he gestured the shape of the valley with his hands.

I doubt you would get Jio there.

Stick with Airtel, try keeping the phone on your window.

Here was a guy who sold Jio and was convincing me to stick to Airtel.

But I was hell-bent to buy Jio.

I have been hearing all this fuss around Jio for the last 4 years, it deserved a try.

Savio did the formalities in 10 min, the sim was activated in the next 20 min.

I went home and found that Jio was no different from Airtel.

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