Only the best selling book titles are printed as first copies and sold illegally

About a month back a very thoughtful post went viral on Linkedin

If you are active on Linkedin, you surely must have read it

As I write this, the viral post has received around 27000 likes

The post basically talks about life priorities

How we prefer luxury/ discretionary spend over personal development and health

Iphone, Nextflix, Night outs, Gucci Vs Business, Investment, Health Etc

Rings a bell?

A few days back I noticed that the viral post was just copy-pasted by so many people without credits

I know this is not new on Linkedin it happens all the time

Anyway, seeing the fake posts, I was determined to find the creator

It took me a minute

It was simple, find the oldest post with the highest engagement

But I am not sure if that is even the original

I believe there is no ending for plagiarism on Linkedin

There are two reasons

1. People can always give you a benefit of doubt
2. Why bother creating a ruckus over a post

People who copy and paste exploit the first reason, those who ignore use the second

There is a third dimension to it

Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery?

Only the best selling book titles are printed as first copies and sold illegally

What do you think?


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