Content Strategy : Unique vs Relatable

People love unique but relatable content. I don’t say that.
Tanmay Bhat said that in one of his posts and it is a very intriguing paradox. Let us explore

Linkedin is a community.

People engage with content that resonates with them.

If you write something about let’s say “ How to find a job on Linkedin” that qualifies as highly relatable content.

But is it unique? Not really

Here is an example of unique + relatable “ A hack to find email IDs of recruiters”

It might sound formulaic but here is the truth:

Set your priorities

My priority is to write unique content

Relatable comes next

My unique to relatable ratio is 4:1

So there is a good chance for my content to be unique if you find it relatable

Some people prioritize relatable content

Uniqueness comes next

Relatable means you are trying to give more value to the people

Uniqueness means you are being a little selfish and that is just fine

Relatable content scales very fast

Unique+ relatable is a sweet spot, it scales and drives engagement.

Do I need to say anything about unique content? Unique content is like the second page of Google search 😀

Please reflect and comment

Your comment can be relatable or unique

You can try to make it both 🙂


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