Most disliked video on Youtube?

Most disliked video on #Youtube?

No, it is not the Sadak 2 Trailer (Bollywood movie which is going to hit OTT platforms soon)

It is Justin Bieber’s song Baby

The song made it to the Guinness Book world records

I am sure Sadak 2 will break the records for the most disliked video

Negative publicity?

Or publicity?

Did you dislike the Sadak 2 trailer?

Without watching it?


I believe sometimes the internet is indifferent to good or bad

Sometimes best-selling products on Amazon have thousands of one-star reviews

You can’t review something before consuming it

Likewise, when Sadak 2 is uploaded on the OTT platform, there is almost a 0 risk to watch it

It will be just two clicks away in your browser

Then there will be a need to validate that the movie really sucks

Who knows Sadak 2 might turn out to be the most-watched movie on the OTT platform

There is no such thing as bad publicity 🙂

As I write this, Sadak 2 is No.1 on trending on Youtube India

Justin Bieber’s song Baby has 2.2 Billion views!

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