Linkedin has an invisible code of conduct

#Linkedin has an invisible code of conduct

And we all abide by it

As a matter of fact, no one has written the code

The code is just a set of assumptions

Our own subjective realities shaped by an ancient deity

Netizens on Linkedin have their set of beliefs about this deity which goes by the name “Algorithm”, humming rhythmically in the dark deep crevasses

We assume that we have to behave in a certain way or we will be reprimanded

No one knows the truth of the algorithm, no one has been there

But Linkedin is believed to be the sanctum sanctorum

Very much unlike the barbaric underworlds of Tik-Tok and Twitter

The very foundation of this Algo is believed to be pure logic

But it is ironical that objectivity and logic is shunned here

There is a cabal that incessantly promotes optimism and subjectivism

Then there are a few charlatans masquerading as hope givers

There is one more place that exactly resembles this place

The only difference is that it is more real and physical

There are deep subjective realities, ancient deities, beliefs, and assumptions

That place is Planet Earth 🙂

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