Let us listen to the cry of Spotify

I wanted to activate Spotify premium on my iPhone

I clicked on the premium button and was surprised to read this: “You can’t upgrade to premium in the app, we know it is not ideal”

It sounded very subtle but was enough to trigger the curiosity in me.

Why the heck I need to go to the desktop to update something on my mobile?

Spotify’s official support site directed me to a website called timetoplayfair.com

The site explains that Apple charges a discriminatory tax of 30% for use of their in-app purchase system.

In music streaming, Apple gives an advantage to its own services; Apple Music

That tantamounts to building an 8 lane highway (IOS) and owning your own fleet of trucks but you charge 30% on toll for rival truck services

Wondering how the monopolistic rise of platforms could impact the consumers in the long term

Examples galore; Jio, Linkedin, Amazon

We heard the Spotify story, what could be Apple’s explanation for the discriminatory taxes?

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