Give me my Sub Sandwich!

Yesterday I went to Subway, it is just walking distance from where I live

When I reached there, the first thing I heard was “Sorry, we only take online orders, you can’t order here”

It was 9:00 PM, I was very hungry

Little annoyed, I said, look I can pay cash (in hindsight, that was so stupid of me, why did I even say that?)

He politely said sorry, you have to order online

I tried to be a little smart

How about I order online on Swiggy and pick my own order?

His reply was prompt

In that case, we need the delivery boy who will come here, pick the order and hand it over to you

I was taken aback

What? You are making it difficult for me!

It was the hunger in me that was speaking now

It was drizzling, all food outlets nearby were closed

You are losing business! I said and left

Walked home and made a quick french omelet

With my tummy satiated, I sat and reflected on what happened in the last 30 minutes

It was just compliance that happened, somebody was strictly following the rules

It is the herd mindset of compliance that we have developed over the past 4 months

It is very powerful if used appropriately

Compliant attitude is one of the super traits of advanced civilizations, think #Japan

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