Does the Linkedin algorithm remember how your last post performed?

Does the #Linkedin algorithm remember how your last post performed?

No. *phew

I was trying to read and understand how the Linkedin algorithm works and here is what I have learned

Linkedin algorithm(algo) is like an Editor in Chief

But with a 0 memory

Every algo is a set of rules

The Linkedin algo sees you through an objective lens

That is beautiful, no biases and no prejudices

The moment you post, the algo does a quick hygiene check and makes your post visible to a selected few

After that, if you get engagement(likes and comments), it boosts your post

The process is so meritocratic

Budding writers can always experiment and start fresh, every post is a new beginning

The algo doesn’t allow expert writers to rest on their past laurels

Simple and neat

But here is the other part of the story: people, yes you!

People see, read, judge, have very long memories and are very subjective

People give signal to the algo to boost an engaging post

So whom should you care about the most? The algo or people?

In my opinion; no one

Write from your heart, be authentic, take inspiration but be original, be yourself

In my every post I just aim for one thing; trigger thoughts

Have I triggered yours? Pls reflect or comment


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