Day Vs Year, what should be the unit for progress?

A day on Mercury lasts 58 Earth days

We are lucky that a day on Earth is just 24 hours, here is why

While Mercury spins a few degrees on its axis, we enjoy mornings, complete chores, watch Netflix, take afternoon naps and sip tea in the evening while the sun sets

Then there is night and the moon rises as we sleep. Next morning everything resets.

That reset is an opportunity to #change. Bad memories wane out and become distant

And we get a reason to start fresh, don’t we?

But most people don’t see a 1 day as a unit, we are taught to see 1 year as a unit

We resolve to change on 31st December and then as next year unfolds we see that nothing has changed

Not our fault, we are actually conditioned to see “year” as a milestone

Appraisals, final exams and wedding anniversaries, birthdays, health insurance policies and discount based subscriptions are all based on “year” as a unit

As a matter of fact, all great books on habit formation use “day” as a unit of progress

What do you think? What should be the unit of human progress?

Random trivia: A day on Jupiter is 10 Earth hours :O

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