The Death of MBA and the rise of MBU

You must be aware of the acronym MBA but what the heck is MBU?

100 years ago when MBA was first started at Harvard, the main objective of the course was to help people to manage resources

50- 60 years back when it spread across the world, MBA course shaped the way organizations managed human resources, money, and processes

30 years back MBA became mainstream in India. All the multinationals needed all those bright managers to manage growing resources

About 10 years ago, MBA went on steroids. Thousands of B-Schools emerged out of nowhere

From 1990 to present-day Indian GDP has grown 10 fold (only)

The output of MBAs has grown 100 fold ( assuming modest figures, it is much more than that)

Currently, for every 9 out of 10 MBAs, there are no resources available to manage

For the past 10 years or so, the MBA degrees have actually become MBUs: Master of Business Understanding

Because there is nothing to administer, the best thing one could do is “Manage Self”, “understand” business and hope that one fine day they can “Manage Others”

The best part is you might not need a college for MBU, you only need a good internet connection

MBA has already been disrupted, we don’t want to accept it

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