You have an awesome money making idea? There is a 99.99% chance it will die in your head!

Have you ever thought about writing a book on an exciting topic? perhaps a time travel novella? or have you mulled over the possibility of becoming an online entrepreneur to get financial freedom? And then what happened? what happened to that idea?

We all get awesome ideas everyday. But we are not taught to nurture those ideas. For instance, a dream of becoming financially free is a simple innocent dream. The dream of not living the dream of others and being your own master. That dream manifests into ideas or possibilities to imagine a life without constraints. But all those possibilities have a life span of few minutes or hours. They die as soon as they are born; tragic. However, boosting the life-span of those ideas is completely in our control. I don’t want to sound like an innovation Guru here but with some commonsense and simple steps we could make our ideas fly, you only need one idea to give you that freedom.

I have been closely following some online businesses and self-employed people who are doing really well and here is what I gathered from them.

Step 0 : One day while sipping coffee you just have an epiphany of what you need to do in your life

Step A : Share your idea

  1. Share your ideas with your loved ones. Sharing ideas give them a tangible shape. Let others know that your idea is born.
  2. Share your idea with people whom you don’t know. Write and blog about it on social media. Let people give you all the negative and positive feedback.

Repetition doesn’t ruin the prayer!

Step B : Promote your idea

This step needs some money. You need some investment so that your idea reaches the maximum audience. Remember that any idea is result of critical and creative thinking. There are billions of people on this planet and there are millions who think just like you, the only difference is that millions of people don’t “promote” what they think.

Find forums where you can go and talk, spend on online ads build quality content around your idea.

Step C : Sell

This is where monetization happen. Once you have a minimum threshold of people who might want try what you have to offer, you can try selling your concept. The step B is like sales funnel, or a busy street you get access to people.

Step D : Up-sell and Cross Sell

This is where you scale and sell your allied products along with your core products. Apple started of with computing and today it is selling music and phones.

Step E : Promote, Promote, Promote

I am trying to make it sound easy but it is not. But look at the possibilities, many people don’t go past step 0. Every step has its own rewards. Every step needs different behaviors.

Step 0 : Needs you to be creative and have a possibility mindset. At-least you dream.

Step A : Needs you to be vulnerable and open for feedback. You have to be resilient here.

Step B: You have to be risk-taking. Good articulation and communication skills to build quality content.

Step C : Commercial skills, networking, building long term relationships with potential clients is what matters at this stage

Step D : Think big, use all the skills that you have learnt at Step 0, A, B and C

Step E : This is just repeating what you are best at.

To conclude, we are not taught to nurture and grow our ideas. Everything has a method and a path only that we have to take that first step and commit to follow it.

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