Be very afraid of the “Organized”

Take a moment to reflect on the failed states on this planet. I am sure there will be a good overlap between what comes to your mind and my mind; Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen etc. Also take into account the Politically unstable countries like Pakistan, Libya and some African nations on the verge of failing. There is one common denominator in all these failed states, some corrupt body is more organized than any other institutions of those nations.

Before the second wold war the Nazis were more organized than any other institution or country in Europe. Currently the Single Party Government in China is so integrated . In most failed nations, the Army is always the most organized force. And by nature, it has to be so; clear line of communication, clear line of authority, obedience, standard operating procedures etc. While other institutions like Healthcare system, Political System, Education system always struggle to organize and hence fail to deliver what they are meant to deliver. Great dictators rise by having a complete control over the armed forces of the country; Idi Amin, General Gaddafi to name a few.

Ability to organize is a “skill” and always seen as a virtue of the kind and good mannered professional. But “organizing skills” is not usually perceived as a strength of a corrupt power, it just hides in plain sight. We miss the point that anyone can organize themselves with a strong motivation. And you won’t like the fact that the bad guys are first to organize themselves. Take Organized Crime for instance. The integrity and efficiency of the drug network of Pablo Escobar was unparalleled until a more organized force, the DEA had to intervene and disrupt the drug operations. The DEA had to intervene because the Colombian Police itself was not so organized (mismanagement of information, no motivation, bribery, etc) to stop Escobar.

The nature values “organization” any species that organizes itself the fastest wins. We humans are no different. We have hunted and built pyramids in well organized teams. Hence success of any country, company or entity depends upon who is the most organized body that quickly aligns resources, communicates efficiently and takes co-coordinated action.

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