Some Wishful Thinking

150 years ago big factories were based near a thermal power plant, steam was needed to operate machinery.

80 yrs ago the advent of electrical transmission allowed factories to be closer to human settlements; Freedom 1.0

This led to the formation of megacities in the developed world

30 yrs ago you could place that factory anywhere in the world; globalization, freedom 2.0

Manufacturing in the developed world became uncompetitive. This led to the formation of megacities in the developing world, all Manufacturing was outsourced there.

20 yrs back internet happened that led to the rise of the knowledge worker

10 years back Manufacturing GDP started to shrink, Service GDP rose

The economic costs of settling in a city were prohibitive. Health costs were alarming. Stress on the transport system was overwhelming

In 2020 there was an exodus of people from cities to small towns. This exodus was triggered by a virus

By 2030 70% of knowledge workers worked from home; Freedom 3.0

New small and sustainable cities began to form

The burden on megacities was halved. Real estate prices collapsed. Carbon footprint per capita reduced by 30% and everyone lived happily ever after

Or was it just wishful thinking?

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