How one should value money?


What if I say the quality of your life depends on how you perceive money. Much like the quality of your life is affected by how you might perceive relations.

Money is nothing but a record of value you create. When someone offers you Rs 100  for some task, that amount is nothing but a record  of value created. You can spend that money on soda or buying a lottery ticket. You can also choose to store that money under your pillow or keep in the bank to earn some interest on it. 

That is a simple definition of money. But depending on how you earn it, you might give it your own meaning. If you win some money on the lottery ticket you bought that is easy money. You will spend it likewise. If it is hard earned money you might spend it so. Poor spend it for instant gratification, the rich invest it, shopaholics spend it impulsively. Nothing is wrong with that, but the various ways people spend money makes it even difficult to understand what money really means. 

Hence often money is not seen from an objective lens. Its meaning remains vague.

But here is one way to look at money. Whether you keep money under your pillow or in your bank, money is nothing but the value you created by working hard or winning a lottery, doesn’t matter. Money you have is the “inventory” of value you create. This value can be exchanged for value you need to make your life easy. That air travel ticket, that movie ticket, rent, buy burger etc. How much inventory of is enough? Only so much that you don’t have to make those difficult decisions or compromise in your life. 

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