An ode to Corona

Dear Corona,

I have an understanding that you are really smart despite being so unicellular.

You shaved off 6 trillion dollars of wealth on stock markets

That is the whole GDP of India 3 times over.

As we slowly evolved into multicellular beings, hunted, fought wars, built all that technology to go to the moon and watched cat videos on youtube; you waited for millions of years in obscurity.

You know that we were never ready for this

As individuals, we exhibit infinite intellect, but in a group, we struggle to cross a street

You know that as a race we have the IQ of a dumb pigeon that breaks its neck on a french window

You know the fact that the more connected we are as species, the harder we will fall against you

And we can’t afford to be independent and disconnected in 2020

Had it been 200 AD, you would have dealt with a small tribe in Wuhan region

The other great tribes would have been oblivious to your puny existence or that of the Wuhan tribe

But now thanks to the media, I see that people are burning effigies of you

You know that the fall of world order and the economy will be caused by irrational paranoia.

What a time to attack us!

Anyway, all I can do is watch less news and wash my hands

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