There is no such thing as work-life balance

For most people work-life balance remains a distant elusive dream. Because there is no such thing as work-life balance.

I know people who are so dedicated to their work, they come on time, deliver on time, work very hard and push themselves every day to do better. But they don’t carry that enthusiasm at home. They take all the lethargy at home, become couch potatoes, eat junk, sleep late and mostly don’t exercise. Not judging them, that is the lifestyle they opt for.

Then there are people who don’t work so hard at work and are not so career-oriented. They are lost most of the time, have blurry objectives and don’t grow in their careers relative to their workaholic peers. But they try to do more outside their jobs. Some have serious hobbies to pursue, focus the energy they save in the work routine to expend on the things they like.

But both groups fail to achieve that work-life balance. Either there is more work or more life but never both.

But the ones who get the best of both worlds don’t balance work and life. They simply integrate them both and call it work-life integration. If you look at their routine work and life is inseparable. You will find them reading or watching their favorite show in the office and working at home taking care of their toddler. They build the social communities they need in the office and hang out with colleagues from their workplace. They don’t simply pack their bags and head home but catch a movie with their colleagues or go for a sport of their liking.

But I do understand this seems all ideal but in my experience, I worked with such people. They make it possible. Work-Life integration might favor some professions more than others but one can at least practice it consciously to lead a meaningful life.


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